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Want to try Task-based Language Teaching?  Welcome to the Willis-elt site!

The aim of this site is to help those already involved in task-based learning and teaching (TBLT) to extend their knowledge and skills, and to introduce as many new teachers as possible to TBL.  A task-based methodology can be used for teaching any foreign language, in fact TBLT also stands for task-based language teaching, also referred to as task-based instruction (TBI). 

The best way to learn about TBLT is to DO it. Try out the free down-loadable task-based lesson plans with commentaries.  Check out our past conference presentations on task- based teaching, grammar, lexis and spoken language. Follow the links to articles and books and then if you have a question – see if the Questions and Answers page can help you.

NOTE  My book ‘A Framework for Task-based Learning’   has been republished as an E-book and is available from Intrinsic Books   (NB  Amazon says it is out of print, but it has occasional second hand copies.) It has a chapter on Task-based Learning – TBL – for Beginners.

For details of my presentation ‘After the task, then what?‘ at the IATEFL conference in Birmingham, go to Conferences.

NOW AVAILABLE   Dave Willis’s last book

Winning the Grammar Wars: What grammar really is and how we use it has now been released as a Kindle eBook.   It’s a short, punchy, polemic book giving an engaging overview of all aspects of English – especially useful for teachers, educators and parents.

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