Jane Willis: award winning writer, speaker and consultant on English language teaching

IATEFL Brighton, 2018

Task design: One topic, five levels, 15 task sequences

Workshop by Jane Willis – download powerpoint here

IATEFL Birmingham, 2016

What you can do once your class has completed a task? After a brief introduction to TBL, the Powerpoint slides in ‘After the task, then what?’ outline both meaning-focused and form-focused activities that can usefully follow a task to extend and consolidate learners’ language.  See iatefl-2016-post-task-april-11-final  The workshop handout is also available here  iatefl-2016-post-task-handout

IATEFL Manchester, 2015

Explanatory handout for ‘Appropriate strategies for teaching grammar’ IATEFL 2015 handout my version of Dave’s presentation

Appropriate strategies for ‘teaching’ grammar – Dave’s PowerPoint presented by Jane

IATEFL Harrogate, 2014

Task leading to task: priming and preparation for TBL – Jane’s PowerPoint

IATEFL, Liverpool, 2013

 From Grammar Point to Task-based Lesson – Jane’s PowerPoint

SATEFL, Stirling, 9th October 2010

Designing and using communicative tasks – Jane Power point and Handout

A lexical approach to TBLT – Dave Power point and workshop handout

THE LANGUAGE SHOW, London Olympia, 30th October 2009

Great Results with Task-based Language Teaching – Jane Willis (Power Point) and (Handout)


Focus on Form in TBLT: Restricting or Empowering – Dave and Jane Willis (Power Point) and (Handout)

IATEFL Cardiff,  April 2009:

ELF and TBL: Two sides of the same coin – Dave Willis (Power Point) Task-based Learning for Beginners: a Lexical Approach Jane Willis  (Handout: Six principles for Task Design; also Notes on rationale for and applications of a lexical approach. Designing, refining and using communicative tasks – Additional Workshop by Jane Willis (Powerpoint)

TESOL ARABIA Dubai, March 2009 (English in Learning and Learning in English):

Content, Language and Task-based Learning: a balancing act – Jane Willis (Powerpoint) English Through Music – effective CLIL lessons for Young Learners – Jane Willis (Powerpoint) Focus on Meaning, Language and Form: A Three Way Distinction – Dave Willis (Power Point) CLIL and TBL – Dave Willis (Power Point)

IATEFL Aberdeen 2008:

Pattern Grammar: How to tackle it systematically in the classroom –  Dave Willis (download abstract, handout and Power Point) First read the abstract and summary, then the first seventeen slides of the Ppt, then the handout and then the remaining Ppt slides.
English through Music – Jane Willis (download abstract and Power Point)


The logic of spoken English and how to teach it – Dave Willis (download PDF file and Power Point )
Speaking Spoken Language: a task-based approach – Jane Willis (download PDF File)

 IATEFL Scotland 2007

Task-based Language Teaching: How teachers solve their problems—Jane Willis (download PDF file) Focus on form and language in a task-based methodology—Dave Willis (download PDF file)

 TESOL Spain 2007

Designing and using tasks—Jane Willis (download PDF file) Language as content—Dave Willis (download PDF file)

 ETAS Switzerland 2007

Accuracy, Fluency and Autonomous Learning: A three-way distinction—Dave Willis (download Powerpoint file)

 TESOL France 2006

Teaching Lexical Phrases and Patterns—Dave Willis (download Powerpoint file)

 IATEFL England 2006

How to teach lexically—Dave Willis (download Powerpoint file | download PDF file) Adapting your textbook for task-based teaching—Jane Willis (download handout as a PDF file | download abstract as a PDF file)

 APPI Portugal 2006

…waves of the future—Jane Willis (download PDF file)