Jane Willis: award winning writer, speaker and consultant on English language teaching

Winning the Grammar Wars

What grammar really is and how we use it


Why This Book? – Jane Willis

Gwynne’s Grammar: Misinformation and nonsense

What This Book Will Show: The case against prescriptivism
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2          Real-World Grammar

3  ��       ‘Hopefully’, ‘Whom’ and the Gender-Neutral �������They’: 3 test cases

4          Authority and Evidence

5      ��   Creativity not Conformity: The real purpose of grammar

6       ��  Grammar by Use: 5 Concepts we all know

7        �� Grammar by Use: 3 Choices we all make

8          Choosing and Using Dialect

9          The Grammar of Spoken English

10  ����       Moving from Speaking to Writing

11 ��  ��  ��  Implications for Adult Language Learning – Jane Willis

12          Implications for Developing Children’s Language ������� Jane Willis


References and Further Reading

Book Length- 80 Pages