Jane Willis: award winning writer, speaker and consultant on English language teaching

Pre-publication praise for Winning the Grammar Wars – what grammar really is and how we use it.

Highly readable and engaging, stimulating, punchy, always eloquently expressed and perfectly judged for the general reader.

Winning the Grammar Wars – what grammar really is and how we use it is a book that challenges the many easy public opinions about what grammar is or what people believe it should be. Dave Willis replaces opinions both with evidence from multi-million word databases showing how the English language really works and with evidence from his own extensive world-wide experience as a researcher and teacher. The practical ideas for parents and suggested activities for teachers on the accompanying website are a wonderful added bonus. Very highly recommended to anyone with an interest in the English language and how we all use it to communicate.

 Professor Ronald Carter, University of Nottingham


I think it builds a solid case against the dictatorial approach to learning English that many people have been exposed to, and it does so in a highly engaging and ultimately refreshing way. It’s a polemic with a sense of humour, written by someone who clearly had a deep love for the English language and for the different ways in which it can be used; as a fellow lover (and user) of this diversity I found the book very interesting indeed.

Georgia Laval, Freelance Editor


Winning the Grammar Wars – what grammar really is and how we use it presents a robust riposte to the increasingly frequent attacks launched across the media by the ‘grammar police’ against anyone offending their sensibilities. If, like me, you wish someone would counter their attacks in a rational way, then this is the book for you! You will enjoy Dave Willis���s compelling critique of the arguments of the traditionalists and benefit from his analysis about how our language is really constructed and used.

John McGovern,   International Higher Education Consultant

This is a book for anyone who uses language and wants more confidence in how to apply it … Duh – that’s just about everyone. Certainly people who need to communicate such as journalists, copy writers, speech writers and fundraisers. And of course parents, teachers, lecturers and students learning English. An inspiring read!

 Richard Turner, fundraiser for SolarAid